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Developed and implemented a comprehensive Fire Mitigation Plan in 2019

First Term Accomplishments:

  • Developed and implemented a comprehensive Fire Mitigation Plan in 2019, which included $21 million in investments, including outdoor warning systems, HeloPod filling station, fuel modification zones, undergrounding evacuation routes, and more

  • Envisioned and created the Forest Avenue Promenade to allow safe outdoor options in the midst of the pandemic 

  • Worked with a committee of residents to re-vitalize the iconic Riddle Field

  • Introduced the Lean Six Sigma program to promote efficient processes at City Hall

  • Drafted and adopted the Neighborhood & Environmental Protection Plan to address the impact of visitors on our beaches, neighborhoods, and open space

  • Collaborated with neighborhoods across the City – including Top of the World, Victoria Beach, and Driftwood neighborhoods – to address concerns with high volumes of visitors

  • Met with the County and Marine Safety to address ongoing behavioral problems at South Laguna beaches

  • Supported funding for a comprehensive Climate Action Plan

  • Created a working group to assess Community Choice Energy opportunities 

  • Supported revised Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) ordinance to comply with state law and promote housing opportunities for seniors, young people, and the local workforce 

  • Directed City staff to develop a draft ordinance to formalize restrictions on height, mass, and scale and retain our small-town charm

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